EcoRoad Africa

Ecological Solutions for Soil Stabilization, Dust  & Erosion Control

Solutions for Airports and Runway

EcoRoad Africa offers experienced consultation. Its services offering to include:

  • Soil Stabilization – Runway  Shoulders, Thresholds, Infields, Helipads & Landing Zone, protective Berms
  • Dust Control & Air quality management
  • Pavement maintenance
  • Proper Surface Preparation
  • Airport Markings
  • Asphalt and Concrete Rejuvenation

Airport and Runway Dust

Airport dust, including runway dust, is the enemy of good vision. It damages engine parts, and can trigger serious complaints from nearby residential and commercial neighbors. Wherever it originates – local haul roads, landing fields, helipads, military airstrips, aprons, shoulders, infields, gravel runways, etc. – EcoRoad Africa can cost-effectively stop it from happening. We will ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements, and keep dust from interfering with operations that are too complex to be undermined by the ravages of dust.

Runway Dust Control and Stabilization


Eliminate dust, add strength, and reduce life-cycle costs by 50 percent with effective gravel runway stabilization.


Gravel runways and dust are an unhealthy partnership and an unnecessary one given how easy is to ensure maximum gravel runway dust control. From private airstrips to local airports to commercial multi-runway operations, an assist from EcoRoad Africa is all it takes for effective gravel runway dust control and superior fines preservation.


The importance of gravel runway stabilization.

 Wherever gravel runways are untreated:

  • Harmful dust impedes pilot vision, irritates the eyes and lungs of those on the ground
  • Increases the need for aircraft and ground-vehicle maintenance
  • Threatens both the environment and your compliance with regulatory standards


Treated by traditional dust control methods like water, a gravel runway’s lifecycle is shortened, its upkeep is more expensive and its safety is compromised.


EcoRoad Africa’s Gravel Runway Dust Control Program was established to mitigate and, where possible, eliminate these problems by improving gravel runway surface integrity through a process called Fines Preservation.


We use proven, environmentally-safe products developed in our own lab to lock and bind surface aggregate fines together and prevent traffic from releasing them as dust. With EcoRoad Africa’s Gravel Dust Control Runway Program in operation, costly gravel replacement will become a thing of the past.



  • Reduces runway life cycle costs by an astounding 50 percent
  • Raises CBR for pavement-like strength and a smooth long-lasting runway
  • Reduces gravel spray and rolling resistance
  • Reduces dust by 80 percent for up to four years
  • Saves two to five cubic meters of fines at every takeoff