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Key Applications

EcoRoad Africa’s  Dust Control products and solutions for road dust control, mine dust control, and many other applications, stop all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water, solving even the most stubborn dust control problems. EcoRoad Africa’s proven dust control products and environmental services work their magic on:


EcoRoad Africa’s Dust control products are certified environmentally safe.

Our dust control products also are safe, reliable and effective and have been rigorously tested and certified by independent agencies.



Why Dust Control is Necessary

According to the  US Environmental Protection Agency, road dust control is the largest cause to particulate air pollution in America. The quantity of dust that is produced by unpaved roads is five times greater than two other contributors, which are construction activities and wind erosion.

Not only is dust a major nuisance, but they have been cited in many cases of respiratory illness for humans that live near areas in need of road dust control. When breathed, particles can accumulate in the respiratory system and are associated with numerous health effects. In addition, dust is the major cause of reduced visibility in many parts of the U.S. and can also can impact vegetation and ecosystems.


The following is a list of facts concerning dust:

·         Dust dirties the air we breathe causing lung and respiratory

·         Diseases Dust reduces farm yields by as much as 40%

·         Dust obscures the sunlight and helps cause global warming

·         In mines the dust pollution is usually more severe, as the dust contains carcinogens, sulphur, dioxin, pesticides, heavy metals and silica. All of which are bad for our health as well as our wildlife and livestock. Through their ingestion of dust on their food sources which carry these poisons. These poisons are then transferred to the food chain to our bodies

·         Reduces the longevity of our vehicle motors, as well as unprotected machiney

·         Decrease in visibility resulting in safety hazards

·         Soil erosion mostly of our valuable top soil.


Where Does Airborne Dust Come From?
Dust particles are generally emitted from sources such as vehicles traveling on unpaved roads, materials handling, crushing and grinding operations, and windblown dust.
The quantity of dust  produced by unpaved roads is five times greater than two other contributors: construction & wind erosion.

A study from the state of Iowa was conducted to see exactly how much an unpaved road without road dust control and associated traffic would cause particulate air pollution. The results were amazing. They showed that for every vehicle that travels over an unpaved road for one mile, one ton of dust is created annually. This is interpreted as for every 500 trucks or cars that travel over 100 miles of these roads that 50,000 tons of dust is thrown up into the surrounding air every year.


This also means that for every mile of unpaved road lacking road dust control, that a ton of material from that road is removed every year for every automobile that travels on it. Without the help of wind, this nuisance dust can travel up to 500 feet from the road into the air. Not only is this affecting the inhabitants near a busy unpaved road, but this dust also negatively impacts the growth of plant life. For these reasons the need for road dust control is real. These are not the only places dust can be found. It has become so severe in mining areas, deserts, dry soil conditions, and agriculture regions , that it is now severely regulated by the EPA. It is distributed into the atmosphere by the severity of the blowing winds.



How Is Fugitive Dust Controlled?

Dust Abatement is commonly performed using water or chemical treatments. In some parts of the world, water is not always available or is in short supply. Some chemical treatments are ineffective or have been banned because of environmental concerns.


·         Plus because of the constant addition of water applied onto the wearing course of a road it most likely will start to pump fine material to the surface leading to more maintenance.


·         Using water to control fugitive dust simply turns dust into mud. And there is the added cost of the repetitious blading and re-shaping of the road that becomes necessary when large volumes of water are used.


ERA Dust Control program applications greatly reduce the cost of controlling dust compared to using water while the amount of dust generated is significantly decreased. 

 It is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.







Dust Control for Roads

Dirt Road Dust Control

Dust Control for dirt roads is a common problem throughout Africa. With ERA Road programs  cities and communities are able to come together to devise a program to help maintain their dirt roads. Utilizing our Dirt Road Dust Control Program (ERA)  allows communities to accomplish their goals at the same time keep an eye on their budget.

With our dirt road dust control program your community will be able to stabilize their roads to the point where grading will become a practice of the past. Our dirt control products make sure that they like the shape of their road before they apply our
dust control products
on their dirt road, because it will be like that for a long time.

Our Dirt road dust control products are not just for controlling dust. It will stabilize the road as well as stop runoff and erosion.

The process for a dirt road dust control program is very simple and is much more cost effective then continuous maintenance. Once a year, or whenever necessary,  you will simply do a quick re-application of a small amount of our products to further bind any loose soil that might have been tracked onto you road. This maintenance application, if carried out correctly, will allow your road to last for years without rebuilding.



Haul Road Dust Control        


Our Haul Road Dust Control products are for extreme conditions where dust control is more difficult due to the higher and heavier traffic  This program uses higher concentrations of our products  to control dust pollution on haul roads or any other area with extremely heavy traffic, such as truck parking lots and staging areas.

The ERA Program uses our proprietary product as a powerful, environmentally safe, liquid soil binder that permanently attaches itself to dust particles and tightly binds them together so that they will be heavy and rendered incapable of becoming airborne. A curing process will irreversibly transform a mixture of our ERA dust control formula , dust, and aggregate into a permanently hardened membrane. Occasional maintenance applications, as needed, will control dust pollution on a permanent basis.


For long haul roads. With ERA Haulage Road Dust Control Product , dust pollution is significantly reduced or eliminated with an initial application, and is permanently kept under control with occasional re-applications on an “as-needed” basis. Re-applications of our haul road dust pollution control products will bond with previous ones, thereby cumulatively reducing a need for future treatments.


With ERA, there is no evaporation or washing out. The initial application and occasional maintenance applications will provide a continuous and permanent accumulation of our ERA dust control product into the soil. Eventually, the dust particles will be overwhelmed by the presence of our haul road dust control product and the frequency between maintenance applications, and the cost of controlling dust pollution will be dramatically reduced.


Advantages of our Haul Road Dust Control Programs:

  • Permanently eliminate dust pollution.
  • Reduce dust control expenditures by as much as 50 percent.
  • Reduce or eliminate continuous daily operations of a water truck.
  • Eliminate frequent reconstruction of haul roads.


These items will help facilitate a quick and smooth transfer of the product from a water truck into the soil.

If general reconstruction and permanent reshaping of a haul road is desired, then other types of equipment, such as a motor grader and a compactor are highly recommended. Information on specific application procedures for our haul road dust pollution control  product can be obtained directly from our company.


ERA Haulage Road Dust Control Program Pays For Itself

Although there are many variables to consider in a haul road program, the cost of the first year of a haul road dust control program with ERA haulage road dust pollution control  product will be considerably lower than the actual or estimated cost of daily watering operations. After the first year, the cost of continuing maintenance under our Haul Road Program is guaranteed to be significantly lower than daily watering operations, and over a period of several years, the savings can accumulate to as much as 75 percent.

With an initial application of our haulage road dust pollution control product, dust pollution is immediately eliminated, and with occasional maintenance applications, it is permanently brought under control. We recommend that haul road managers undertake their dust control programs with our haul road dust pollution control product in segments of approximately one mile at a time. (Segments of less than one mile tend to become more easily reoccupied by contamination that has been blown in or imported by traffic from non-controlled areas.) With availability of sufficient equipment and personnel, a mile of a typical haulage road of approximately 20 yards width can be treated and finished in a single day. The savings that are derived from using our haul road dust pollution control  product in the early stages of a dust pollution control program can then be redirected into future segments, thereby taking advantage of programming the product to pay for itself.