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Ecological Bricks


EcoRoad Bricks for Economical Construction


West African Homes – Adobe style,  Cement



          Traditional Homes in West Africa are similar to the Adobe style homes in the US and Mexico. They are made of cement, with a combination of cement, soil (sand), aggregate, and water.



          The main problem with using cement is that it is extremely expensive in West Africa, making it very difficult for most people to afford a decent home.       


Ecological Bricks as Alternative to Cement


An alternative to expensive cement to build homes and buildings, EcoRoad Africa would make “Ecological BRICKS” of soil (sand), EcoRoad Africa soil stablizer, water, and an aggregate, if necessary.


Potential Benefits and Advantages of Ecological Bricks


1) Much more economical than cement: cost savings: a goal of  20-30% reduction in construction costs


2) More people would be able to build a home that is more affordable, thereby creating a bigger middle class and a new generation of home-owners


3) Ecological Bricks would be not only strong, reliable and economical, but also environmentally friendly. EcoRoad Africa Compacted Earth Bricks allow you to use the most abundant w material on earth : SOIL


4)  EcoRoad Africa Compacted Earth Bricks being strong and highly compacted, are of the highest resistance (>8mpa) and do not require the use of any reinforcing bars to build a completely strong durable dwelling of up to 3 stories. (Except in Seismic Areas)


5)  The EcoRoad Africa Compacted Earth Bricks are of a quality so high and a finish so good that most of the builders do not plaster or paint the external walls. Furthermore, the majority of the low cost housing, because of the high standard and finish, can be left with the internal walls not painted.


6) An EcoRoad Africa Compacted Earth Brick house is totally isothermic to the extent that neither the heat nor the cold will affect the comfort of the occupants. Should the occupant decide that they wish to install air conditioning or central heating, then their electricity bill will be minimal.