EcoRoad Africa

Ecological Solutions for Soil Stabilization, Dust  & Erosion Control

Dust Control for Mining Industry


Mine Haul roads, Mine Tailings and Underground Dust Control



We know that mine tailings dust control, conveyor dust control and haul road dust control can be the difference between  reasonable and over-the-top maintenance costs, and safe versus dangerous working conditions. EcoRoad Africa will suppress the fugitive dust that can damage your conveyers, your trucks, and the roads they run on.


Our environmentally-safe products and systems for controlling mine tailing, haul road, conveyor and process dust control solutions attack dust – or fugitive dust from metal and mineral, phosphate, and coal – at the site of the mine and during transport and transfer. That means you can get the most from your equipment, reduce repair needs, and meet rail and utility coal dust suppression regulations. EcoRoad Africa’s holistic approach to fugitive dust control will meet any coal dust or other mining challenge you face and ensure that regulatory compliance is a non-issue.

Dust control system advantages:

The dust control system has the following benefits:

  • Savings of 90% in water use (no water reticulation required); 60% reduction in the water spraying fleet
  • No environmental dust
  • Health benefits for personnel and surrounding communities
  • Greater safety performance
  • Improvement in tire life – 8% and a reduction in rolling resistance
  • Suitable for all weather
  • Roads open to traffic during construction; quick and easy to repair
  • Quicker hauling times, better visibility and therefore increased production