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Mining & Timber Roads



Cost savings, Durability, Ecological


EcoRoad Africa Redefines Expectations for Mining Roads

In the mining industry it is well known that mining roads require almost daily maintenance., re-grading and repair, often needing the commitment of a full-time grader, water truck and operating professionals. This is a costly and time-consuming endeavor that has until recently simply been part of life for mining operation.


Proven Testing
ESS Products have been tested and used on mining haul roads and the
results and performance have been stellar.


Solid Road Building Benefits
According to the latest scientific studies, the hallmarks of a properly constructed,
working mining haul road include:
• The ability to provide a safe and vehicle friendly ride without the need
   for excessive maintenance
• Adequate trafficability under wet and dry conditions
• The ability to shed water without excessive erosion
• Resistance to the abrasive action of traffic
• Freedom from excessive dust in dry weather
• Freedom from excessive slipperiness in wet weather
• Low cost and ease of maintenance


ECOroads soil stabilization provides these benefits at 20% to 40%
cost savings in road construction.


Environmental Benefits

ESS’ natural formulation improves the environmental profile of any development  ESS products  are non-toxic, non-corrosive, natural multi-enzyme product – no polycarbons, plastics or oil are used. ESS’ usage profile allows for the use of in-site soil, reducing cost and environmental impact as less or no aggregate needs to be trucked in.

More Mining Applications


Underground Mining

  • Haul Road Dust Suppression
  • Haul Road Stabilization
  • Tunnel Dust Control

Mine Tailings

  • Tailings Dust Control
  • Tailings Erosion Control
  • Tailings Reclamation