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Pothole Repair


Pothole and Shoulder Repair

Road Construction and Maintenance standards are far below Western Standards


          Potholes are a very significant, and dangerous, problem in all of Africa


          Poor construction standards lead to early deterioration of roads


          Maintenance is often neglected and are very expensive, so roads are often left in a bad state of disrepair


          After the rainy season, the roads are worn out and often necessary repairs are not done for months


          Providing a viable, more affordable option would make it possible to make sure potholes are repaired, thus making the roads much safer and better to drive on.

How it Works



Excellent pothole repair is being accomplished by using EcoRoad Africa soil stabilizer, a proprietary formulation using the latest dry polymer technology as well as a curing enhancing element.


EcoRoad Africa’s soil stabilizer has been specifically formulated as a multi component system producing a catalytic reaction to create a powerful, durable and easy to apply solution for a well known problem.

The EcoRoad Africa system (complete pothole repair package) uses three components:

  • EcoRoad Africa Soil Stabilizer
  • Aggregate (3/4 or 1/2 minus Recycled Asphalt or similar aggregate)
  • Water



Compared to the widely available petroleum based products, EcoRoad Africa’s Stabilizer has some unique characteristics:

  • Excellent bonding capabilities to fine particles, asphalt, aggregate, and other organic or inorganic substrates
  • Superb curing characteristics at or above freezing temperatures
  • Remarkably simple application process
  • Exceptional chemical, thermal and ultraviolet light stability
  • Environmentally benign



Properly applied, the result is a durable, tough pothole repair that creates a strong bond between the applied aggregate and the surrounding asphalt.

Considering all these characteristics, EcoRoad Africa’s stabilizer is a superb alternative to conventional, more harmful and less effective methods such as cold patch.


Pot hole repair with EcoRoad Africa’s Stabilizer will be as strong or stronger than the surrounding asphalt, unlike cold patch which is only temporary.