EcoRoad Africa

Ecological Solutions for Soil Stabilization, Dust  & Erosion Control

                Road Building Process
Unpaved road before ESS.
Unpaved road before ESS.
Clearing road of debris.
Removal of debris.
Shaping / filling road.
Grading or scarifying road.
First ESS application.
Compaction after 1st Ess app.
Compaction after ESS appl.
After 1st ESS Application.
2nd ESS application.
2nd application of ESS.
Completed Road!
Completed road.
Solid road after ESS app.

Road Building Process


Steps in ESS Applications for Unpaved Roads


  1. Identify the soil composition by getting a lab test of the soil.
  1. Prepare the road bed:
    1. Loosen road bed
    2. Remove any large debris/rocks
    3. Pre-grade or scarify to allow ESS product to penetrate ground
    4. Add necessary specified materials


  1. Determine amount of ESS needed
    1. 1 Liter/33 cubic meters
    2. Optimum moisture 7 actual moisture


  1. Pre-Mix ESS with water and spray (minimum 1:300)
  1. 7 Meters wide X 15 cm deep roads (10 gallons/kilometer)
  1. Spray Solution
    1. Evenly over road bed & mix thoroughly
  1. Check soil for proper moisture
    1. Begin grading and compaction
  1. Allow 72 hours to cure
    1. Light traffic allowed while curing
    2. Apply second or third dilluted coats when necessary.