EcoRoad Africa

Ecological Solutions for Soil Stabilization, Dust  & Erosion Control

Building Roads



Reducing the Costs of Infrastructure Projects



Billions are spent each year on new road construction and maintenance. As the world economy falters, government leaders and developers will look to cost- saving technologies as a primary remedy. ESS Products provide a needed solution.


Around the World
As the world grows in population and becomes increasingly interconnected, infrastructure needs grows ever more important. In developing countries, road networks have deteriorated and will require significant investments over the next several years. And many countries have a strong need to build out their transportation networks to connect growing cities, ports and villages.
ESS products help accomplish this cost-effectively.


Reducing Soil Stabilization Costs

With soil stabilization constituting 40% 60% of total construction costs, this becomes an obvious area to examine. By using in situ soil, which eliminates trucking in material, ESS Soil Stabilizer decreases the cost of road construction by 40%. EcoRoad products increases the strength, stability and durability of roads and outperforms other stabilization techniques on cost.


Decreases Road Maintenance Costs
Strength of the road sub-base layer is what prevents road cracking. ESS Products natural formulas harden the sub-base to prevent cracking. This means less repairs and savings in excess of 50% on road maintenance costs.


And because
ESS products in enzyme-based, it does not add any harmful effects to the soil. With environmental sensitivity, growing as a differentiator, ESS will help raise the environmental and safety profile your road.