EcoRoad Africa

Ecological Solutions for Soil Stabilization, Dust  & Erosion Control

Product Advantages:


ESS products are low cost construction materials that can be used as a tool to improve living conditions.


The benefits of ESS products:


  1.  Reduces soil expansiveness

  1. Increase soil density and load bearing capacity
  2. Increase soil density and load bearing capacity
  3. Provides soil stability for heavy equipment traffic on construction sites
  4. Prevents common stabilization problems
  5. Roadways: Reduces the occurrence of ruts, frost heaves, pot holes, and related problems
  6. Substantially reduces cost of construction
  7. ESS  roads can be constructed using local materials
  8. Sub-grade stability reduces need for excavation and thickness of aggregate and other road building materials (road thickness)
  9. Lowers road maintenance costs
  10. Resists water penetration, weathering and wear
  11. Products are designed to maximize the potential of soil�s characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances.
  12. Processes allow energy and resource conservation
  13. Limits dust and surface material loss
  14. Reduces dust, improves health (asbestos, mine dumps).
  15. Contains pollutants and toxins in refuse dumps, protecting underground water supplies.
  16. Clean drinking water improves health
  17. Improved infrastructure stimulates economic growth
  18. Job creation improves standard of living
  19. Products and customers can get to the market place with better roads
  20. Better roads reduce accidents and damage to vehicles.
  21. Irrigation water provides food and nutrients in dry periods or arid regions
  22. Reduces erosion or flood damage (protects wetlands).
  23. ESS products are inert and ecologically friendly



EcoRoad Africa can offer these affordable natural road building services and can

out-perform conventional road builders in:

Construction Cost Reduction

    • 30% to 40% cost savings over equivalent traditional paved roads
    • Double-course chip seal savings are 30% to 40%
  • Construction Time
    • Roads (1 Km) are constructed in 1-3 days depending on conditions
    • Roads are drivable after construction in 24 hours (light traffic)
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
    • 40% to 50% of all production roads
    • Reduces maintenance of secondary roads without asphalt topping from 2-3 times per year to maybe once every 5 to 10 years
  • Minimum Special Equipment Needed
    • Grader, water truck, and compactor
  • Ease of Application
    • Soluble in water
  • Superior Performance
    • Catalytically bonds soil particles like cement
    • Dense permanent road sub-base, base & surface
      • Lowers surface tension of water
      • Resists water penetration, weathering and wear
    • Greater compaction
    • Use of less expensive base
    • Can be applied in wide weather ranges
    • Long Life Span
  • Will Not Clog or Harm Equipment
    • Actually cleans tanks, nozzles and equipment
  • Super-Concentrated
    • Minimize storage and shipping costs
    • Shipped in 5-gallon containers anywhere quickly

Other Product Advantages:


  • Dries Flexible
  • Biodegradable
  • Simple and Easy to Apply
  • Dries Transparent / Clear
  • Dries Completely Odorless
  • Non-Flammable & Non-Volatile
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Corrosive & Safe for All Equipment
  • Non-Slippery & Safe to Walk and Drive on
  • Non-Regulated for Transportation - Land/Ocean/Air
  • Ecologically & Environmentally Safe
  • Cumulative Effect with Maintenance
  • Dyes & Pigments can be Added
    for Color
  • Human, Animal, Marine Life and
    Vegetation Safe
  • Water Resistant - will not break down with water
  • Non-Tracking & Non-Transferable - will not be picked up onto vehicles